We have been up to so much!
We kick started the new year with online classes due to lockdown 2.0 but jeeze did we achieve so much this year!
So many opportunities for us! A huge thanks to
@_robrich Rob, who played a massive part in motivating our dancers at the start of the year!
We had so many workshops and training sessions with so many amazing people: @_robrich
@mryoutube , @annadimensions , @joshuabasepilmore , @joely_t , @itsianharris , @kenrickh2osandy and @s.b.stylist, @thereddreadhousehead @kieranjam @shawnplague, @bagsyofficial @marimacleod_ @sammileejayne @jeffreyflawless and @turbo.official83 , @rosswilkinss @coreyowens_
We opened our very own studio here in Stonehaven. A dream come true for so many of us.
We had the opportunity to film for @soaruk soaring together again event.
Lucy adams – one of @dalitehouselfc performed in London at dancers deilight. We host and continue to host monthly training with @dalitehouselfc
We made new friends and stronger relationships with other schools like @capa_angus and @ncdance30 @__the_yard__ @dancing_dad1969
Staff upgraded their training in dance, leadership skills, first aid and many more.
The girls aisha and lucy made it into the Scotland advance team ML5
We smashed everyone of the in person comps this year.
We laughed, we cried, we worked hard, we had fun, we gained confidence, we gained new friends, new skills, and found love in life again. Who wouldn’t want their kids to be a part of this?! 😍
Enrolling in January.