Wow! What a day @raiseyourgame_events

Our first time at this event and we truly had one of the best days. Great supportive atmosphere, amazing vibes and soooo good to be able to have everyone back together again at a competition and have our littles ones watch the olders etc.
What an absolute team we are! The run up to this event wasn’t easy again with exams and covid still going around but the kids really did pull together in the last 5 days before the event and made it work. Each and every single one of our dancers are so talented to do what they do. I learned that for myself this time
To ALL my dancers, (even those who couldn’t make yesterdays event), your absolutely one in a millions, so talented, dedicated, KIND AND HUMBLE, supportive and hardworking. Thank you all for supporting me back and giving it your all. I LOVE TO WATCH YOU ALL DANCE YOUR HEARTS OUT.
Soooo many trophies home yesterday… I think a total of 84 TROPHIES went home last night
Here are our team results.
8u – beginners – DIVA NATION – 2nd
10U beginners – ILLUMINATION – 2nd
13u beginners – HIP HOP HOOLIES – 1st
16U beginners – URBAN NATION – 1st
17+ Inter/Advance – ELIMINATE – 1st
So so proud! Some of us had complete brand new routines which they did in a matter of weeks and others only had their first rehearsal as a full squad within a week before the comp and they STILL pulled that off!
Thanks again @raiseyourgame_events for a fantastic day.
Team RN