Keeping Lockdown Dancers in Rhythm

As we approach the summer holidays I’ve been reflecting at how much we have overcome in this last few months.

From the minute Lockdown was put in place, we started our classes on zoom. Not one class was missed. At first it was terrifying the thought of teaching online… it was like I was teaching my first ever class all over again… I cried that night after classes. It was horrible. No atmosphere, technical glitches, camera mirroring issues…the fear of how long this will have to go on for.

I know, that’s some of my students were also struggling with the change in online classes. Trust me, I know how you feel. ♥️

But since then, we pushed through every week, becoming more and more confident. The kids bursting to tell me stories about how many wobbly teeth they had, taking on workshops with dance artists from all over the world, sending in videos after videos for me to critique.

Not all of us have coped so well during this, some of us have struggled still. I just want to let you know, that it’s okay. I see you. ♥️

Don’t give up.

Don’t be down on yourself because you didn’t get in that final of that online competition. Don’t feel down on yourself because you tried a new style and you didn’t quite understand it. Don’t compare yourselves to anyone else, your just at the beginning of your journey… somebody else might be at the end of theirs.

DONT GIVE UP, take the falls and use them to get back up stronger. Use your experience and change it for the better. Change your mindset.

Every single one of you have blown me away in your own ways these past few months. The fight to be better is real, and I just want to tell you how amazing you really all are.

Nobody is amazing at everything but it’s your attitude towards what you do that counts.

Keep it up guys! I’m proud of you all.